Welcome Fall

Its not a secret that my favorite season is fall, and ill explain to you the things i love about it and a couple of ideas for you to fall in love with it too…

Today was a special day for my little family, my baby boy Aiden went to his first pumpkin picking at the Queens County Farm Museum, it felt really nice to add a sense of tradition to us, as i want to do this every year with him, it was a little hard as i live in NewYork and a lot of things get in the way, like work and different responsibilities but i always try to get my family a little getaway and new things for us to do together, my baby boy was amazed of all the children running around, and it was so funny seeing Aiden trying to stand up on the pumpkins and grabbing everything around him.

As we kept walking around the Farm we saw the corn maze, and all those farm animals, like chickens, horses, ponies, etc… and i hope next year Aiden is big enough to ride on one of the donkeys. It is an amazing place to spend the day with your kids and family i strongly recommend it.

    I love when October hits the calendar, because that means my favorite holidays like; halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and hey lets not forget of Black Friday are around the corner. its definitely a lot of decorating  involved and GOD i love all this themes decorations around my house, lets not forget all the cuddling involved, I love to just stay at home in my pajamas and just watch some movies with a nice cup of hot coco or some green tea uhmm.. Anyways lets not get distracted, FALL comes with a lot of beauty trends that I LOVE I’m a girl after all, like warm colors, ankle boots, dark lipstick, and one of my favorites SWEATERS! I hope you my amazing readers take the time to enjoy with your loved ones this amazing season. Little things that you get to share with your family can definitely make a difference! I took some photos that i will love to share with you, thank you for reading.

                                                                                                                            Love, Nicole



Aiden is wearing Shirt: H&M, Pants:Gap Kids, Shoes: H&M
My Outfit:  Boots from Charlotte Russe,  Bag from Urban Expressions,Scarf from stradivarius!