Drug store makeup faves

Hey guys! So on this post i want to show you my latelest drug store makeup faves, and my review about them. This are some of the makeup that i use in my everyday ( and when i say everyday i mean just when i have to) i love makeup, dont get me wrong! But i also like to let my skin breathe which its very important.

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Roasted Baby Ribs


Hello Guys! Today I’m bringing you one delicious and simple recipe of baby ribs, its really simple and easy to cook, i love it and so does my family. So i wanted to share this recipe so you can enjoy it too! Hope you guys like it.

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Global Citizen Festival

Hello guys! Today I want to share with you all my experience of going to the Global Citizen Festival for the first time!! What an amazing eye opening and reveling experience. But I’m so overwhelmed with everything I want to tell you about it, but lets start from the beginning.

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Let’s be real

Hello guys! Today is one of those rainy October days, where all you want to do is cuddle and watch movies at home, I love rainy days, specially when I don’t have to leave my house. Anyways let me just start this ramble by saying, that I’m so happy to be back to my little corner on the internet, you guys cant even imagine all the times I was like, “okay  today I’m going to wake up and blog” or saying like,  that’s it tomorrow I will blog You guys heard this like a thousands times already, how easy is to get discourage or just feel like you shouldn’t even try something because you are afraid of the outcome. 

Familly will always tell me “Nicole if you don’t even start, how can you even know if this is really going to work for you” and I was always like “I’m just so tired from work” I always had a reason not to do it.

Guys its crazy how easy is to find a reason not to do something ( I’m surprise myself by just thinking about it ) because I’m kind of a pain in the as** and, when I think I’m right about something its kind of hard for me, to get in my little head that I may be wrong.  Hey I’m human!!...  anyways I just wanted to re-start this journey by saying that yes I do get scared and very easily discourage but I’m going to give the best of me and not give up on what I believe, and I hope all the friends out there will do the same!
Lets be real we are all humans and life its hard and things happen, lots of set back, and this world is full of all kind of people, but I’m pretty sure that nobody cant come and say that never had any problem or any set back in life, because in this life what define us as a person, is what good have we done and who we are… I’m a 22 year old girl,  mother of an amazing 19 month old baby boy, and lots of people said, that if i had a baby so young i will ruin my life, that it will be over for me, and much of them may not said it to my face, but i knew.  and here I’m blessed with the most amazing crazy gift, i ever though of getting, which has showed me and fulfilled me with life experience and all kind of things i never thought i will go through.
But after having my baby, i finished school and also graduated from dental assistant school and I’m definitely not done, I’m still young and there is so much i want to do… that I’m going to do! and I’m definitely not saying that it was easy, because it wasn’t, but what I’m saying is that “you are able to do anything you want if you set your heart and soul to it” my mom told me that and she couldn’t be more right, and i know its not easy to be positive during bad things going on, but we need to try to keep on the power of positive thinking.
anyways, thank you guys for baring with me and all this crazy rambling of mine!

                                                                                                                          Stay Strong, love Nicole