chicken alfredo pasta

Hello friends! Today I’m bringing you, my not so famous but delicious, and on a budget chicken Alfredo pasta. To the people that knows me, is not surprise that i always go with Italian when we have to pick what to eat, I LOVE Italian food, and my family too and this dish is so simple and delicious, hope you guys enjoy it!! Continue Reading

Yes I’m a mom

I can’t believe my baby is two, Yes i probably sound like every mother in the world!, but seriously Aiden is 2 years old and 6 month, and he surprises me every single day, like he loves to have his pictures taken, talking and asking about everything, and he talks in third person!

Believe me when i tell you, the only one growing here is not my toddler, I’m learning how to be a better mom and person every single day with him, waking up really early for him, thinking about food for him before me, how come i will stop watching any┬áNovela or tv show to sit down and watch cartoons with him, while building a house with blocks for spiderman.

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