Casual Date Outfit

Love how this picture makes me look so chic, and like i have it all together, and in reality was a nice shot that my sister got of me,  while i sat down to catch my breath in the middle of a Braxton Hick. Hey I’m 37 weeks today (trying so hard to keep it together peeps!) So today i wanted to share my love for this big comfy sweater, But first a little baby update. Continue Reading

Emotional Roller coaster

Welcome October!! Here in NY we haven’t seen the sun in like 4 days people, And this gray gloomy weather is definitely getting into my skin. First thing is that during this pregnancy i have been so emotional, like i literally cry over everything!! At  one point i had to stop watching Facebook videos on the train cause i would start crying in every emotional video “even sad commercials”, is really embarrassing, specially when i watched X Factor or The Voice with my family, and they all would look at me, and i will be crying like i know the person singing my whole life hahahaha.

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