Toddler curly hair routine

Hello friends! so Mommy’s today I’m sharing my own personal toddler curly hair routine, as some of you may know Aiden has a very specific type of hair which is very curly and also very dry. So i came up with a routine and products that work for us on our regular lives for a quick ¬†and easy hair routine.

Aiden’s hair is a very dry type of hair but also thin which on occasions can get super crazy and tangle, and his also very sensitive when it comes to people touching his hair, so it can get a little uncomfortable if you don’t act fast. I found my favorite everyday hair routine Continue Reading

Mommy Monday: Life of a mom with two kids.

Hello Loves!  thought i will update you on my new life as mom of two under two!! i like to be as real as i can be, because when i was expecting my second baby, this is all the stuff i will google about. No lie it was so overwhelming the thought of me having a second child.
I wasn’t wrong is very overwhelming specially the first couple of days after having the baby, at least for me, but after losing lots of sleep and some getting used to. You will be just fine and enjoying your new routine, right now my struggles are with Aiden potty training Continue Reading