3 Simple Steps To Relaxation

There is literally two type of people on this world shower people and bath people, and im a bath kinda girl, guys i have a toddler and a baby, bath time is a sacred time for me, is literally the only time i get to be all by myself. They do attempt to go in with me but, HECK no, (sorry kids mamma needs her lonely time).

This is the first step to relaxation for me, so today im going to share with you 3 simple steps to relaxation, this steps are usually my escape to get my mind in the right place and get rid of all the stress.

1 STEP IS BATH TIME: I love to run a warm bath and just sink in it, close my eyes and just relax, to make the perfect bath time for me includes nice candle light, the perfect bath bomb (i love bath bomb), and lots of bubbles. you can put some music if you want and just enjoy your time alone, try not to think about problems etc, and enjoy yourself on your own skin.

2 STEP IS MEDITATION Im so thankful to Pinterest because thanks to them i learned how to meditate, i searched meditation, and i found all this amazing things that i didn’t know, and i downloaded the app called Headspace, this app is amazing to teach beginners how to meditate, the art of meditation is one of the best things to help relax and relieve your mind from crowded thoughts. My head is always busy, and have a lot going on so i try to at least once a day take 15 minutes of my day to meditate. i strongly recommend it, it will make a huge difference in your day.

3 STEP IS ISOLATION: This last one step is personally what i do, when im really upset in the moment, and cant go meditate or take a bath. So guys when im really upset and need a minute to myself, to gather my thoughts (usually i do it so i don’t say something i may regret) as i a very impulsive women specially when im angry. so what i like to do is… DON’T LAUGH i locked myself in the closet, i got to my closet in my room and sit inside there to think, i like that is a small space, and dark.

You can do your own thing maybe go to your car, and just sit there to think or just go on your room, whatever works for you. Hope this steps help you guys experience your ultimate relaxation time.

Love, Nicole