Aiden’s First Halloween!

OMG guys!! Going trick or treating with a toddler is a mission, but well worth it. This was Aiden’s first time trick or treating, and it was so much fun!

He was really scared at first of all the kids with scary masks, and shy to go up to strangers and ask for candy, but after about 20 minutes when he realized that they were giving free lollipop! He walked up to them by himself and showed them his tiny bucket so he could get his candy, I loved it, and i’m sure I had more fun watching him ask for candies than Aiden himself. This year i got really tired because he really can’t go walk by himself all those houses, like i had to take the stroller and get him in and out every time we got to a different house, and this year he was a little sick with a cold, so didn’t want him out until late trick or treating but next year i know he will love it 100 %.

This time i got it on tape so that way he could go back and watch it when he’s older, and also so that our family on the dominican republic can be part of this amazing new experiences on his life as well.

Thanks You!

Love, Nicole