Casual Date Outfit

Love how this picture makes me look so chic, and like i have it all together, and in reality was a nice shot that my sister got of me,  while i sat down to catch my breath in the middle of a Braxton Hick. Hey I’m 37 weeks today (trying so hard to keep it together peeps!) So today i wanted to share my love for this big comfy sweater, But first a little baby update.
Yesterday i went to my doctors appointment, and they did some blood work, still no dilating yet, (boo!) i know is good he goes till the end of the pregnancy complete his 40 weeks but i just want to meet him already!! Anyways back to the update!…
The baby is 6 pounds and 10oz already!!! wich makes me happy, that he is gaining the proper weight, the only thing that got me a little worried is a little bit of fluids they found on his kidney, the Dr told me not to worry, that she’s not worried about it, but I’m a mom thats all i do!.. but after all i will get more info regarding the blood tests and the baby next visit wich is on my 38 week of pregnancy. ohh yes, up to this point i have to go to the Dr every week, wich doesn’t bother me cause i get to know how close I’m to meet my baby!

Back to my sweater ladies, let me tell you that i can’t take it off!!! its just so comfy and perfect for fall not only talking of the color wich i LOVE.. Cant get more fall than this <3, this is my go to lately specially that it has enough room for me and my belly! is a knit oversize sweater from zara there is a similar one on the link.

Remember to stay comfy and warm this fall friends!!

Love, Nicole

Outfit Details: 
Leather jacket: Mango
Jeans: Lucky brand
Ankle Boots: Pull & Bear
Watch: Michaels Koars