My Must Have Sweaters 2017

Sweater season is here!! I LOVE ALL THINGS FALL, i love the chilly weather, the holidays, the clothing!! I live in sweaters the entire season, I just love how comfy and cozy they are.

Comfy is my middle name, im a mom of two boys, which most of the time means Caos! and I need to be comfortable and ready to bent down pick them up or clean up whatever mess they did, Continue Reading

Having Time And Style While Being A Mom

Hi guys welcome back! and yes, I have another one of my rants but I love talking to YOU, “New Moms”, “Young Moms”,”Experience Moms”, and just moms like me in general, because let me tell you  in this journey we need all the help and insight we can get. Continue Reading

Weekly Curly Hair Routine

Hello my lovees! today I’m sharing with you my weekly hair routine, this routine i try to do it at least twice a week, let me tell you that i hated my curly hair, all i wished was that my hair was straight, i used relaxer on my hair, a lot of heat on it, and never saw it grow as fast as now, that i have my curly hair. Continue Reading

March Favorites

Bye march and Hello April!! Today i’m sharing with you. My MARCH FAVORITES,  Some of this products has been my favorite products to use on me, and also the ones i love to use on my kids, this month i tried a couple of new products for my hair, as i’m a curly hair products junky, but i really stick to the ones i love and my favorites this past month are here. Continue Reading

Hydrating Hair Mask

This is a very easy and fast Hydrating Hair Mask, i loved the results and how it worked on my curls, if i tell you guys the truth i never cared before of using oils on my skin or hair, or taking care of myself in general Continue Reading

Toddler curly hair routine

Hello friends! so Mommy’s today I’m sharing my own personal toddler curly hair routine, as some of you may know Aiden has a very specific type of hair which is very curly and also very dry. So i came up with a routine and products that work for us on our regular lives for a quick  and easy hair routine.

Aiden’s hair is a very dry type of hair but also thin which on occasions can get super crazy and tangle, and his also very sensitive when it comes to people touching his hair, so it can get a little uncomfortable if you don’t act fast. I found my favorite everyday hair routine Continue Reading

Casual Date Outfit

Love how this picture makes me look so chic, and like i have it all together, and in reality was a nice shot that my sister got of me,  while i sat down to catch my breath in the middle of a Braxton Hick. Hey I’m 37 weeks today (trying so hard to keep it together peeps!) So today i wanted to share my love for this big comfy sweater, But first a little baby update. Continue Reading

Favorites products of 2015

Happy new year!! Lets start by saying i can’t believe 2015 its gone, Last year i learned so much about me and had a couple bumps of the road but overall i definitely learned and grew as a person, Continue Reading

Drug store makeup faves

Hey guys! So on this post i want to show you my latelest drug store makeup faves, and my review about them. This are some of the makeup that i use in my everyday ( and when i say everyday i mean just when i have to) i love makeup, dont get me wrong! But i also like to let my skin breathe which its very important.

Continue Reading

How i wash my makeup brushes

Hello guys welcome back to my blog! Today I want to bring you, kind of a tutorial in how I clean my makeup brushes, what I use, and how I do it. Being able to clean your makeup brushes is very important, its good to clean them at least once a week, your skin is very delicate and sensible, is important to make sure that we take good care of it, and that includes clean brushes when applying your makeup.

 What I use to clean my makeup brushes is olive oil, shampoo (regular shampoo), small bowl, and medium towel.

Step 1. Put small amount of olive oil on the small bowl, the quantity of the olive oil depends on how big is your brush, if is a big brush, you could put a little bit more.

Step 2. Move your brush in circular motion inside the bowl, with the olive oil, when the brush is already wet with the olive oil, squeeze on the sink you will see the makeup coming out, if you want you could do another round of the olive oil.

Step 3.  Rinse it with water and than apply shampoo, what I do is that I put a little bit of shampoo into the palm of my hand and swoosh the brush around in it to get it all lathered up. Then I rinse it out the same way as before, under a stream of warm water while squeezing out the entire product. I do this twice over if the brush is bigger or dirtier, You want to make sure to get all the olive oil out of your brushes otherwise they will get greasy.

Step 4. Rinse it with water till you
remove all the makeup (make sure there’s no shampoo left) than put your brushes on top of the towel to dry.

Information: some people asked me why do I use olive oil, well the answer is, that olive oil is really helpful taking out all the build up makeup in a faster matter.  And olive oil I feel it kind of makes it softer, but that’s me! Let me know if you guys try it and if you liked the results.
I really think that it’s important; to include washing your brushes on your weekly routine, that way you could enjoy cleaner and healthy brushes! J

                              Love, Nicole
Hola chicos bienvenidos de nuevo a mi blog ! Hoy quiero ofrecerles, una especie de tutorial en cómo yo limpio mis brochas de maquillaje , lo que uso , y cómo lo hago. Ser capaz de limpiar sus bruchas de maquillaje es muy importante , es bueno limpiarlas al menos una vez a la semana , la piel es muy delicada y sensible, es importante asegurarse de que tengamos un buen cuidado de la misma, y esto  incluye brochas limpias al aplicar su maquillaje.
Lo que yo uso para limpiar mis brochas de maquillaje es el aceite de oliva , champú ( shampoo regular) , un recipiente pequeño, y una toalla mediana .
Paso 1. Ponga una pequeña cantidad de aceite de oliva en el pequeño tazón, la cantidad de aceite de oliva depende de qué tan grande es su brocha , si es una brocha grande , se puede poner un poco más .
Paso 2. Mueva la brocha  en movimientos circulares en el interior del tazón con el aceite de oliva , cuando la brocha este ya mojada con el aceite de oliva , apriete en el lavadero y podrás ver el maquillaje salir, si lo deseas, puedes hacer una nueva ronda de el aceite de oliva.
Paso 3. Enjuague con agua y despues aplique el champú , lo que yo hago es que  pongo un poco de champú en la palma de mi mano y muevo la brocha alrededor de ella para conseguir que todo se enjabone . Luego enjuague de la misma manera que antes, bajo una corriente de agua caliente mientras exprimir todo el producto. Hago esto dos veces si la brocha es más grande o esta más sucia, usted tiene que asegurarse de conseguir que todo el aceite de oliva de la brocha salga, de lo contrario van a estar grasienta.
Paso 4. Enjuague con agua hasta quitar todo el maquillaje (asegúrese de que no hay champú en las brochas) luego ponga sus brochas en la parte superior de la toalla para secar .
Información:algunas personas me preguntaron por qué uso el aceite de oliva, y la respuesta es, que el aceite de oliva es muy útil sacando toda la acumulación de maquillaje más rápido. Y el aceite de oliva siento que hace que se sientan mas suave, pero esa soy yo! Quiero saber si ustedes lo probaron y si le gustó el resultado.
Realmente creo que es importante; incluir lavar las brochas en su rutina semanal, de esa manera puede disfrutar de brochas limpias y saludables!