Emotional Roller coaster

Welcome October!! Here in NY we haven’t seen the sun in like 4 days people, And this gray gloomy weather is definitely getting into my skin. First thing is that during this pregnancy i have been so emotional, like i literally cry over everything!! At  one point i had to stop watching Facebook videos on the train cause i would start crying in every emotional video “even sad commercials”, is really embarrassing, specially when i watched X Factor or The Voice with my family, and they all would look at me, and i will be crying like i know the person singing my whole life hahahaha.

I love some rainy days, but sometimes they get to me, don’t let that little smile fool you guys!! My sister literally had to drag me out of the house the day we took that picture, if you ask me the reason why i was feeling so down i will tell you that i don’t know, and i really don’t know i guess you just get does feelings. When i feel down i close myself completely, i really don’t want to talk to anybody, and all i want is just be on my space with my little one giving me lots of love, I also like to pray and ask Jesus for clarity and peace for my heart and soul.
I also get angry easily, and when that happens all i can do is walk away, because i know my hormones will blow it out of proportion!! Like i get so mad to the fact that is getting so hard for me, to find non maternity cloths to wear, my saver this time is my green jacket from Zara. LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket and even more the color, olive green is definitely my color this fall. <3
XOXO, Nicole
Outfit Details:
Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Forever21
pants: Lucky brand
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: Elaine Turner