Get Ready For Preschool On A Budget

This is so New for me, I didn’t realized how fast time went  by AT ALL!! When my Toddler came to me, and stared asking me “mom I want to go to school and make friends”, I stared doing my research of when my kid is supposed to start Preschool, and thats when I realized that there was a waitlist, because I was supposed to do it WAYY ahead of time, So I stared thinking how can I actually give him a head start from home…

As I was doing my research I looked for all the materials I may need for him, and let me tell you my wallet wasn’t ready for all that!, but on a tipycal target run, “As always” i go to the dollar section first thing, and when I saw all the school inspired stuff, I was SOLD!

I realized I can do this on a budget, Moms for supplies Target is your place, in the dollar section you can find from Pencils, Crayons and notepads, all from $1 dollar to $5,  I found some cute and colorful cards with animals and shapes, another smart thing to do is to start hitting your local public library for Books to read with your little one.

When you have your supplies together, just try to make a simple schedule for you and your kids to start learning together, but most importantly HAVING FUN TOGETHER.

As always thank you for visiting!!


Love, Nicole