Happy New Year!

Happy new year my loves! yes we made it to a new year and its exiting and scary all at the same time but lets just get this blessing and make the best of it, make this our year, a lot of people talk about their resolutions for this new year and i think is great that people get to make new goals for this new year, and well by my part I’m ready to hit the gym and go back in shape, well just go back to my original weight before the baby.

This year i actually want to write more and finally graduate from school and be a dental assistant, this year just flew by so fast i cant even believe that my bay is almost one year old and that its almost a year i was inflated like a balloon with my baby inside.

So you guys take advantage of this new year and go and have some adventures, try new things or just start simple and easy like me and just enrolled in the gym, i will keep you guys updated of whats next on my list and you should keep me updated too!

                                                                                                              Happy New Year!
                                                                                                                       Love, Nicole