Having Time And Style While Being A Mom

Hi guys welcome back! and yes, I have another one of my rants but I love talking to YOU, “New Moms”, “Young Moms”,”Experience Moms”, and just moms like me in general, because let me tell you  in this journey we need all the help and insight we can get.

One of the things I have struggle the most after becoming a mom, is keeping my sexy “ON”, you girls know, after plenty of cleaning, not sleeping, keeping your home together, and the Many, Many things that comes with being a mom, we sometimes don’t have the same time to get our self groomed, and together like we did before, Heck I shower in a rush most of the time. True story, before I had my kids I will always have my nails painted, my hair done and clean clothes on, by the time my boyfriend will make it home from work, I will be dressed in something nice, and most importantly smelling good.

For a while that wasn’t the case anymore, specially after I had my babies, (still not the case, sometimes), But after a lot of bumps in the road and I mean a lot!, I said, Enough is Enough!!, and I sat down and wrote down my next day plans, what time the kids woke up, and basically I organized myself, And on that daily schedule I wrote, i made sure I had a little time for me to do my hair and makeup, (sometimes thats all a girl needs to survive the day), because girls believe it or not, just a little bit of attention on yourself can change your entire mood, plus believe me, your husbands will be gratefully happy seeing you get your sexy back.

When it comes to style I know, it can be hard to afford it sometimes, in my case im a mom of two and we all know the tiny humans come first, but style doesn’t have to be expensive, I love going to target when you can get amazing shoes and clothing for an affordable prices,

and also marshalls and tj maxx!

YES a woman can have it all!

Shoes and Blouse: TARGET, Jeans: MARSHALLS, Bag: Elaine Turner

Love, Nicole