How to get organize as a mother of two

The one thing i have struggle the most, is finding a balance specially after you have a new baby, keeping it real i still struggle with it sometimes, because nobody have it 100% together when it comes to being a mom, but there’s ways that makes it a little bit easier to push forward. Today I’m sharing what helps me stay organized and to have more of a balance in my life.

  1. HAVING A CALENDAR: Guys this is the first thing i got when i moved into our new place, and had my baby. I got a board and placed it on the side of our fridge, this really helps us stay organized with what are we doing, also helps me keep up with the payments like the bills etc. Because me with my mommy brain, we will be falling back with everything. Also it helped a lot to keep the whole family in the same page meaning my husband will be able to know exactly what we where doing each week.

  1. PIN BOARD: This pin board i use it to remember immediate things, like if i ran out of milk, or i need to search for something online. Whatever i want to be reminded later i just write it up on a post it, and put it on the board.
  2. MASTER GROCERY LIST: I have a master grocery list with everything we usually buy, when we go grocery shopping, so whatever I’m going to the grocery store, i make sure to go through this list to see if i didn’t forget anything.
  3. CREATING A ROUTINE: Something that helps a lot, is creating a routine with the kids, especially the nap and sleep routines, is good to know when they going to be sleeping and how long because your world works around their schedule, so knowing when they going to sleep and be awake helps you to know, when you can take that very much deserved me time.

Hope this helps you moms and dads to find a little bit of balance on the hectic lives of being a parent.

Love, Nicole.