Learning to Let Go


Hi friends, today i will like to talk to you about Letting GO, on this new era of social media, and now that our lives are mostly exposed on the internet, we need to learn to let go peoples expectations, is really sad that most things people post on the internet, is to satisfy other people, or see how many likes they get. i have seen people that delete a photo that they posted online, just because it didn’t get as many likes as they wanted to. Let me tell you a little bit about my journey of learning to let go.

Yes is a journey that i’m still on, i always been a very shy girl, and on top of that always put the weight and feelings of my family and friends on my shoulders. as my friends use to tell me, “i cared too much”, but i really never knew how not to care, i had to learn. Because that’s not a way of living, if all your decisions and dreams are based on, “what will people think”, “how will your friends feel”, i was not happy with all this unknown pressure on me. so i had to learn to just let go.

As a mom, you have to go by your feelings, and what you think is right, because sadly there’s always somebody wanting to give there unwanted opinion on how to raise your kids. Like seriously i can believe that’s a thing!… Im slowly letting go of my shyness (is that even a word), learning how to be myself, putting myself out there, my weirdness, my over sentimental self! and finally not caring of what people will think cause im letting Go, and being ME.

I know easy said than done, but it doesn’t have to be right away, take your time, step by step, like losing weight!! I will keep you guys updated of how im dealing with my own letting go, and i wish you guys also start learning to let go, because guys we literally only live once!  YOLO.


Love, Nicole