Mommy Monday: Life of a mom with two kids.

Hello Loves!  thought i will update you on my new life as mom of two under two!! i like to be as real as i can be, because when i was expecting my second baby, this is all the stuff i will google about. No lie it was so overwhelming the thought of me having a second child.
I wasn’t wrong is very overwhelming specially the first couple of days after having the baby, at least for me, but after losing lots of sleep and some getting used to. You will be just fine and enjoying your new routine, right now my struggles are with Aiden potty trainingas he will show some improvements and will go back to zero, like at least his going to potty for number 2 but will pee on his diaper! agh!! but at know he eventually will go there! hopefully…

Nicholas his amazing, as much of you know he was born a big baby, like i literally cant believe his only 3 month old, my struggles with him are more my thing, i stopped breastfeeding earlier than what i wanted, well wayy earlier. My milk supply was to low for him as he eats a lot! and i stared supplementing, so i will give him a little bit of breast milk but he weaned down when he was exactly 2 and half month, SO hard on me, i had the biggest mommy guilt. I was looking forward to breastfeed for much longer. but i slowly learned and understood  that because im not breastfeeding doesn’t mean im a bad mom or that i failed as a mom.

My life as new mom of two is a very busy life, i mean i haven’t done my nails or wash my hair in like 3 weeks, my favorite outfit is sweat pants and big T-shirts, but its so worthy! Every time i see my little mans smiles and play together is like my heart can’t take it for a minute. I know having kids is a big responsibility plus is not a walk in the park but its a big experience because for the first time you learned the meaning of unconditional love.

Love, Nicole