My Life Changed Again : Labor & Delivery Story

Hi friends!! I’m sorry i haven’t been around in awhile, i recently gave birth to my newest blessing, and I’m beyond happy! I’ve been enjoying my two boys and of course taking care of myself, that way i can get better soon, today i want to share with you guys my labor and delivery story.

Let me start by telling you guys that this time around was so different than my first time, on November first i was having what i though was Braxton Hicks
the whole day, i felt them come and go but it was only pressure not pain at all, i had a feeling i may be in labor when they stared being consistent, so i stared packing everything i left for last minute (I’m always leaving most things for last minute), I did my hair and fixed my nails, plus got Aidens stuff ready as he was going to his aunt  until i got out of the hospital, my plan was to take Aiden first to his aunt and after that go to the hospital, but the pain was so crazy intense that we decided taking me to the hospital first.

When i got to the hospital i was having real contractions they were like a wave that never stopped coming, and as soon as i got there they checked me in and examined me, when they went in to check how many centimeters i was they were so surprised as myself, i was 8 centimeters and my pain was bad but not as bad as expected to be that far along, as time went by i asked for the epidural, and believe me on that situation the epidural is a miracle drug! after i got the epidural i was so relaxed and able to enjoy the wait for the arrival of my baby boy, when time came i was already up to 10 centimeters, they had to reduce the dose of my epidural as i was not able to push right way, but then after i stared feeling the pressure i was pushing a gorgeous 9 pounds and 12 oz baby boy!! YES 9 pounds i was like ” are you guys for real! Im pushing such a big baby!” but after 10 minutes pushing there he was! my beautiful Nicholas Alberto Bacha was born.

and yes i cried with my second one as i did with my first one! very emotional moment wish I’m very happy to share with you guys.!! Thank you for being part of my journey in life as now a mom of two beautiful boys!

Love, Nicole