Roasted Baby Ribs


Hello Guys! Today I’m bringing you one delicious and simple recipe of baby ribs, its really simple and easy to cook, i love it and so does my family. So i wanted to share this recipe so you can enjoy it too! Hope you guys like it.

                                                        Roasted Baby Ribs

1 pack of baby ribs
1 table spoon of oregano
½ spoon of black pepper
1 spoon of Goya seasoning 
½ cup of lime juice


First we start by pouring the lime juice into our ribs we let it socked for at least 10 minutes ( i love that lemon twist flavor on it). Then we start seasoning with all our herbs, we rub them all together. The oregano, pepper, and Goya seasoning. After our meat its all covered with the seasoning we pre heat the oven on 350 degrees and we put our ribs in for at least 30 minutes until it changes color and the water that comes out of the meat its white not light pink.

Ready to enjoy! feel free to change anything on the recipe as you like.

                                                                                                        Stay Strong Love, Nicole.