Get Ready For Preschool On A Budget

This is so New for me, I didn’t realized how fast time went  by AT ALL!! When my Toddler came to me, and stared asking me “mom I want to go to school and make friends”, I stared doing my research of when my kid is supposed to start Preschool, and Continue Reading

Having Time And Style While Being A Mom

Hi guys welcome back! and yes, I have another one of my rants but I love talking to YOU, “New Moms”, “Young Moms”,”Experience Moms”, and just moms like me in general, because let me tell you  in this journey we need all the help and insight we can get. Continue Reading

Netflix Top 25 TV Shows

Hi my lovess!! I don’t know if you guys know that i LOVE TV Shows and movies. So today im bringing you my top 25 TV Shows, because i know how hard is to actually, go through Netflix overwhelmed with all the different choices.

This list contains the top 25 TV Shows that i have seen on Netflix that i really loved and definitely will watch all over again. Continue Reading

Weekly Curly Hair Routine

Hello my lovees! today I’m sharing with you my weekly hair routine, this routine i try to do it at least twice a week, let me tell you that i hated my curly hair, all i wished was that my hair was straight, i used relaxer on my hair, a lot of heat on it, and never saw it grow as fast as now, that i have my curly hair. Continue Reading

3 Simple Steps To Relaxation

There is literally two type of people on this world shower people and bath people, and im a bath kinda girl, guys i have a toddler and a baby, bath time is a sacred time for me, is literally the only time i get to be all by myself. Continue Reading

March Favorites

Bye march and Hello April!! Today i’m sharing with you. My MARCH FAVORITES,  Some of this products has been my favorite products to use on me, and also the ones i love to use on my kids, this month i tried a couple of new products for my hair, as i’m a curly hair products junky, but i really stick to the ones i love and my favorites this past month are here. Continue Reading

Learning to Let Go


Hi friends, today i will like to talk to you about Letting GO, on this new era of social media, and now that our lives are mostly exposed on the internet, we need to learn to let go peoples expectations, is really sad that most things people post on the internet, is to satisfy other people, or see how many likes they get. i have seen people that delete a photo that they posted online, just because it didn’t get as many likes as they wanted to. Let me tell you a little bit about my journey of learning to let go. Continue Reading

Hydrating Hair Mask

This is a very easy and fast Hydrating Hair Mask, i loved the results and how it worked on my curls, if i tell you guys the truth i never cared before of using oils on my skin or hair, or taking care of myself in general Continue Reading

Toddler curly hair routine

Hello friends! so Mommy’s today I’m sharing my own personal toddler curly hair routine, as some of you may know Aiden has a very specific type of hair which is very curly and also very dry. So i came up with a routine and products that work for us on our regular lives for a quick  and easy hair routine.

Aiden’s hair is a very dry type of hair but also thin which on occasions can get super crazy and tangle, and his also very sensitive when it comes to people touching his hair, so it can get a little uncomfortable if you don’t act fast. I found my favorite everyday hair routine Continue Reading

Mommy Monday: Life of a mom with two kids.

Hello Loves!  thought i will update you on my new life as mom of two under two!! i like to be as real as i can be, because when i was expecting my second baby, this is all the stuff i will google about. No lie it was so overwhelming the thought of me having a second child.
I wasn’t wrong is very overwhelming specially the first couple of days after having the baby, at least for me, but after losing lots of sleep and some getting used to. You will be just fine and enjoying your new routine, right now my struggles are with Aiden potty training Continue Reading