The Power Of Love

This time I’ve been gone (not blogging) has help me a lot, meaning that i needed a time off to get my life and priorities straight, every time i sit down in front of my computer i want to write something that I’m feeling and gives me satisfaction.. not only write to post something up, it has to mean something to me.

Let me tell you that now i am 20 weeks pregnant wich is CRAZY! but the amazing kind of crazy, I knew when i had Aiden my first born, I will like to give him a sibling and i didn’t want to wait too long, but me being only 23, when i found out i was expecting another baby a thousand things ran through my mind, i felt overwhelmed, scared, hopeful, happy, than again overwhelmed, if you ask me, whats the reason of that reaction i will tell you that I’m not sure but something i know for sure is that its completely normal.

Something that I’m 100% positive, is that I’m going to still have those feelings for the rest of my life, and its okay because they come with moments of happiness, amazing memories, and the best reason to be a live, it all comes with being a mom.

Something i learned with my Aiden is that, there are days that you just think you hit your limit, and than you surprise yourself, and you are JUST FINE! I know I’m young and there is a thousand million things that i could be doing than being a mom, but if you ask me theres NOTHING in the world i rather be doing than being a mom! This is something i can’t explain, because you have to experience it to know what i mean.

Yes, things may get harder for me as a young mom of two, But for some reason i have a smile in my face when i think of it, because i know I’m going to be okay.