Toddler Style Boy Edition

Hi guys welcome back, and to new readers welcome to my little space in the internet. Today i want to talk about something that a lot of mothers are scare about, or not so exited when they have boys… And thats DRESSING THEM UP, me personally i was one that when i knew i was expecting a boy i didn’t realized or knew that it will be so much fun, all the clothing pieces i can come up for him.

One thing is that you don’t have to go broke to get nice pieces for your little one, my got to stores are OLD NAVY, TARGET, H&M, ZARA, and GAP KIDS. They usually always have sales, and you can find the cutest outfits on a friendly budget, and also something very important to remember is that kids grow so fast, there were lots of shirts and pants Aiden never got to wear, but i learned my lesson, now i know better.

Also im a lucky mama, my boy is so easy to dress up, and his so involved!! even though his only two years old, he pick his own outfits usually he picks a shirt and shoes, no idea why he never remembers to wear pants i guess is a boy thing.

Outfit Details
Hat: H&M
Shirt: Oldnavy
Pants: Baby Gap
Shoes: Oldnavy