Vacation Dominican Republic 2016

Hello people! This past month i went to the Dominican republic to visit my mom, and for a deserved vacation!
Last time i went on vacation it was like 2 years ago, so i was pretty exited for this trip specially because it was the first actual vacation for Aiden
, it was pretty cool because not only we got to spend time with my mom, we also got to spend time with family and old friends, they got to know Aiden, wish is pretty amazing.
Me as the very very very “smart?” mom that I’m, i booked my flight at night so that my toddler sleeps the whole flight, and it worked! aiden slept the entire flight until we landed in the Dominican Republic, the first day as soon as we landed my mom picked us up and we went straight to a resort, I really loved being there, we were there for 3 days and it was the best i really needed something like that, whats better than being in a place where is ALL INCLUSIVE and you don’t have to worry about a thing in life when you are in there.

After the resort we went to my moms, and went out with some old friends wish was the best! NO LIE, Theres nothing better than being with the people you care and love, During our time in the Dominican Republic we got to explore different cities like, Santiago,  San juan, Sosua, San jose de ocoa… and i just realized they all start with an “S” interesting, anyways traveling back was kind off a hard time, as my flight was during the day and my toddler was full of energy and yelling “PLANE” from the moment we got in until we got out!! “lesson learned” believe me i know better now.

Im definitely looking forward our next adventure and coming back to my beautiful island.

                                                                                         Sincerely,  Nicole.