Weekly Curly Hair Routine

Hello my lovees! today I’m sharing with you my weekly hair routine, this routine i try to do it at least twice a week, let me tell you that i hated my curly hair, all i wished was that my hair was straight, i used relaxer on my hair, a lot of heat on it, and never saw it grow as fast as now, that i have my curly hair. if you would of told me that i was going to have full on curly hair, and on top of that love it, and wear it proudly, i would of thought you were talking BS.

But enough about my little stories lets jump to the good stuff!

PS: I’m always changing my products, as i don’t want my hair to get used to only on type of hair products.”

-First thing i do is i wash my hair, and for that i use the New Wash from Hair story.. I love this product. I use it as a cleanser this product has aloe, and essential oils that help clean your hair without any detergent. you could also use it as a conditioner, but I’m a product junky, and i need my conditioner and leave ins.

-After cleansing my hair i apply the Aussie 3 minutes miracle deep conditioner, to help detangle my hair, and i live by this product, been using it for like 6 years, and its the best!. My hair gets really tangle and this product really does the job.

– I rinse my hair, than i start styling, the first thing i do, is i part my hair in four, and apply my products. The first product i use is Coconut Oil from Shea Moisture, after i use the Shea Moisture Conditioner, and one pump of the Carols Daughter Black Vanilla.

The reason why i apply 3 lagers of products as leave ins, is because i don’t wash my hair again for like 3 to 4 days, so the next day to refresh my curls, i just spray some water and its good to go!

After I’m done with my whole head i let it air dry or use the blower with the diffuser, and we ready to PAR-TY or just keep going with our busy day rocking amazing curls.

Ps: There’s a video on my Instagram “nickysparadise” showing the process.


Love, Nicole